Alcohol & Drug Addiction Residential Treatment Center & Rehab near Minneapolis & St. Paul

Residential Program

Adult men and women who have been struggling with alcoholism, addiction, and certain co-occurring disorders can receive life-changing care through our intensive residential program.

Way of Life Program

We developed our exclusive Way of Life Program to provide our participants with structured day-to-day guidance that will lead them through the treatment experience and into a drug-free future.

Continuing Care Program

Recognizing that residential treatment is just one step on the long path of recovery, we are proud to support those who heal with us by providing a vibrant and dynamic continuing care program.

Why Choose Burkwood?

Located at the end of a quiet street near Willow River State Park in Hudson, Wisconsin, Burkwood Treatment Center is an ideal environment in which to begin the recovery process. In a comfortable setting that is conducive to spiritual enrichment and emotional healing, Burkwood provides compassionate and effective care to adult men and women whose lives have been disrupted by the primary alcoholism/addiction disease. At Burkwood, participants work in close collaboration with a team of experienced, licensed treatment professionals to learn and practice vital recovery skills and assimilate essential knowledge from an eclectic curriculum comprised of manualized cognitive interventions, didactic groups, process groups, and individual counseling. Our low counselor-to-participant ratio ensures that the men and women who choose to heal with us will benefit from a high degree of personal attention as they progress through their individualized treatment plans.


The programs and counseling at Burkwood are amazing. I felt so lost and disconnected from everyone in my life before I began treatment. I’ve made a complete change since then, and can’t thank the Burkwood staff enough.

- former resident

Welcome to Burkwood Treatment Center

For more than two decades, Burkwood Treatment Center has been providing highly effective programming to help men and women begin recovery from the disease of alcoholism/addiction, while successfully managing the symptoms of certain co-occurring disorders. With a holistic approach that places great emphasis on providing evidence-based, research-supported therapeutics, Burkwood is a place of both hope and healing, where individuals in crisis can receive time-tested treatment that has been customized according to their unique strengths, needs, and goals.

At Burkwood Treatment Center, recovery is presented as a dynamic multifaceted experience in which participants are encouraged to play an active role. In addition to individual, group, and family therapy, we also feature a vibrant experiential therapy program, with opportunities including yoga, horseshoes, volleyball, and basketball, as well as therapeutic plays and skits. We make great use of nearby Willow River State Park, and when the cold Wisconsin winters preclude outdoor activities, we rent out the Knowles Center on the nearby campus of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for weekend recreation.

When a person chooses to begin recovery at Burkwood Treatment Center, he or she can expect to complete an intensive and comprehensive course of treatment that will enable the real and lasting lifestyle changes that will support the successful pursuit of a healthier, happier, and more promising future.