Minneapolis’ & St. Paul’s Preferred Treatment Programs for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Burkwood Treatment Center offers a variety of substance abuse programming that help individuals build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located near Minneapolis – St. Paul, Burkwood is the leading provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults.

High-Quality Rehabilitation

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Located in picturesque Hudson, Wisconsin, near Minneapolis & St. Paul, our rehab program has been a place of healing for more than 20 years. Our caring team of licensed professionals specializes in treating men and women ages 18 and older who are struggling with alcoholism, substance use disorders, and other co-occurring mental health disorders.

When a person comes to heal at our drug and alcohol rehab program, he or she joins a vibrant community of people who are dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of sobriety and health. Our clinical team includes a psychiatrist, nurses, counselors, technicians, and a dietician. The caring and highly experienced staff at Burkwood are committed to providing high-quality rehabilitation for drug & alcohol addiction, but more importantly, our staff is devoted to healing whole people instead of just treating symptoms. This results in Burkwood’s drug & alcohol rehab program to be especially helpful for people who have experience relapse after previously undergoing treatment.

Our Evidence-Based Treatments

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Our drug & alcohol rehab program uses empirically-supported treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). In addition, Burkwood offers our exclusive MAAEZ and Way of Life treatment systems. MAAEZ, or Making Alcoholics Anonymous Easier, is a research-supported intervention specially designed to give our participants an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and 12-Step programs. Research on MAAEZ has found intervention can result in 10 percent higher rates of alcohol abstinence as compared to those receiving non-MAAEZ treatments. In addition to the MAAEZ intervention, Burkwood also provides the Way of Life comprehensive treatment program. Way of Life uses a thorough treatment manual, audio recordings, and individual and group interventions to encourage lifelong sobriety through making deep and lasting changes to one’s lifestyle.

Our Family Program

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At Burkwood, we welcome family members as an integral part of your healing. We have found that healthy relationships are a fundamental building block for lasting sobriety. Your counselor will work with you to evaluate which individual(s) may be supportive of your recovery and willing to participate in a session to help facilitate a more effective indoctrination into the recovering way of life for you and your family.

Counselors at Burkwood Treatment Center also have a number of resources available to provide to your loved ones. A booklet, Being There for Others Requires Being There for Ourselves: Information for Family and Loved Ones, was written specifically for family members by the Burkwood Treatment Team.

Residential Care at Burkwood

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At Burkwood, our primary method of rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction near Minneapolis & St. Paul is residential care. A residential rehab program is an intensive method of treatment where participants live at our center and receive round-the-clock care. Each week, participants benefit from individual therapy, groups, and yoga and recreational groups. For participants who wish to include family members in rehab, we also offer family therapy sessions as needed. These family sessions allow families to build their relationships and enable them to support each other. During residential rehab, each participant will also contribute actively to his or her treatment plan and will play a critical role in discharge planning to ensure each person returns home with the best possible chance of achieving long-term sobriety. While a person’s length of stay depends on a number of factors, including individual need, our average length of stay is 40 days.

Throughout a person’s stay at our rehab program near Minneapolis & St. Paul, he or she will receive the best possible comprehensive substance use treatment delivered by our staff with unparalleled compassion and expertise. If you or your loved one are looking for help overcoming a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorder, look no further than Burkwood. We look forward to speaking with you about how today could be the first day of a journey to lifelong sobriety.

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