Minneapolis’ Preferred Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder Treatment Center

Burkwood Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located near Minneapolis – St. Paul, Burkwood is the leading provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults.

Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders

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Understanding that treating alcoholism and drug addiction requires complex yet effective treatment in order to help people overcome chemical dependency concerns, Burkwood is proud to offer the necessary interventions and support that allow men and women to achieve the sober lives they deserve.

At Burkwood, we also understand that many of the men and women who come to us for care also grapple with the symptoms of certain mental health conditions at the same time as an addiction to substances. For this reason, we are prepared to supply the much needed treatment that can help people overcome not just substance use concerns, but also learn to manage the symptoms of mental health conditions as well.

When an individual is battling a mental illness at the same time as an addiction, refraining from the continued use of drugs and/or alcohol can be that much more difficult. The emotional turmoil that can be caused by the presence of a mental health disorder can render a person vulnerable to resorting to the abuse of substance as a means of coping with his or her emotional pain. Ongoing substance use can, over time, worsen the symptoms the individual is experiencing, and can trigger the onset of new mental health concerns. Even more disconcerting is that if an individual wants to end his or her abuse of substances, yet relapses during the recovery process, any existing mental health symptoms may be able to compromise efforts made to remain on the path of recovery from that point on. It is because of these reasons that it is important to receive care for mental health concerns at the same time as receiving treatment for an addiction so that those battling these afflictions can heal and recover in a lasting way.

Why Consider Us?

When looking for co-occurring disorders treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “rehab centers near me?” In Wisconsin, there is one clear choice. In choosing Burkwood as the place to begin one’s recovery journey, each prospective participant is assessed to determine if any existing mental health condition symptoms are present if none are reported at time of intake. Should a man or women be currently suffering from a mental health disorder, certain treatment methods will be factored into his or her customized treatment plan.

The following are among the most common co-occurring mental health disorders that we are able to treat at our center:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depressive disorders
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorders

We, at Burkwood, want to arm those we treat with the skills and confidence in knowing that they can lead healthy lives, free from substance abuse and addiction. By offer effective care for both addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions, we believe individuals treated at our center will be able to not only meet their treatment goals, but also exceed them.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction and co-occurring mental health condition and are in need of treatment, look no further than Burkwood Treatment Center. Burkwood Treatment Center is your choice for co-occurring disorders treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best rehab near me?

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