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Residential Care at Burkwood

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At Burkwood, residential care is the heart of our addiction treatment program. With evidence-based curricula, a 1-to-8 counselor-to-participant ratio, and a comprehensive spectrum of adjunctive programming, Burkwood’s residential program is the place to come for a successful indoctrination into your recovering way of life.

Our residential care includes a number of interventions. Each participant has the opportunity to meet with a counselor one-on-one for individual therapy sessions. These sessions take place at least once per week and give each participant a chance to receive support and have space to explore and process any long-standing issues that are preventing him or her from successfully maintaining sobriety. Many participants have found that this therapeutic relationship is one of the most significant interactions they have during their time in treatment. It is also important, when a supportive family member is willing to participate, to hold a counseling session with the participant and supportive family member to help facilitate the recovery process.

Individual and family counseling are important components of the treatment program at Burkwood near Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota, but groups are its heart and soul. Groups provide a chance for each participant to gather with other participants, learn recovery and sobriety skills, and support each other through their journeys. Burkwood offers a number of different types of groups, including process groups, skills groups, guided imagery groups, activity groups, and many others. Burkwood also offers groups led by Recovery Advocates as well as groups where participants create Gestalt-influenced and analogy-based plays.

Participants also have the opportunity to participate in recreational groups which include activities in nearby Willow River State Park during the summer, activities at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls’ Knowles Center during the winter, and men’s and women’s yoga throughout the year.

Our Evidence-Based Treatment

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Combining two other elements makes Burkwood’s residential treatment unique: the MAAEZ program and the Way of Life system. MAAEZ, or Making Alcoholics Anonymous Easier, is a group-based intervention that helps participants acclimate to the Alcoholics Anonymous environment and introduces them to basic principles and processes of AA. In addition to MAAEZ, Burkwood’s treatment is based on the Way of Life system that guides participants day-by-day through treatment and into a way of living that supports long-term recovery and lifelong sobriety.

Residential treatment at Burkwood can give each participant the foothold he or she needs to step into freedom from substance abuse. With the help of our caring and experienced treatment team, it is possible to finally begin the substance-free life you deserve to live.