Drug & Alcohol Detox Program near Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Burkwood Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with an addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located near Minneapolis – St. Paul, Burkwood will help you smoothly transition from detoxification to our residential rehab center.

The Importance of Addiction Detox

The importance of detoxification for addiction

Many obstacles can stand between an addicted individual and his or her victory over chemical dependency. Once a person has developed an addiction, he or she will begin to lose control over his or her behaviors. Powerful urges will force the addicted individual to sacrifice increasingly greater amounts of time in order to acquire and abuse the substance upon which he or she has become dependent. The development of tolerance means that he or she will need to consume larger or more potent quantities of the drug in order to experience the desired effect. And the shame, guilt, and other negative feelings that are commonly associated with addiction can push him or her deeper and deeper into the downward spiral of substance abuse.

For many people, the actual or potential pain of withdrawal also serves as a significant obstacle in the effort to overcome drug abuse. Once a person has become dependent on alcohol or another drug, his or her body will adapt to the presence of that substance. When the person stops or significantly reduces his or her abuse of this substance, the body will experience series of distressing and possibly dangerous reactions that are known collectively as withdrawal symptoms. Depending upon a variety of factors including the substance upon with the person has become dependent and the nature and severity of his or her substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms can range from flu-like feelings to seizures, delusions, and, in the most extreme case, death.

Some people who attempt to end their addictive behaviors without professional detoxification help find that the withdrawal symptoms are so intense that they are forced back into substance abuse in order to stop the pain. Pushed back into substance abuse by the pain of withdrawal, these individuals may begin abusing drugs at a greater frequency or in greater quantities due to the frustration of having tried and failed to overcome the problem.

In other cases, the fear of withdrawal pain can prevent individuals from even trying to end their pattern of substance abuse. Seeing or learning about what others have gone through while trying and failing to achieve abstinence can preclude some people from taking even the first hesitant steps toward a sober life.

Both of these situations can be remedied by participating in medically monitored detoxification at a licensed addiction treatment program.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of detox for addiction near Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Detoxification refers to the removal of toxins, poisons, or other impurities. In the case of addiction, detoxification, or detox, refers to the process of ridding one’s body of the substance or substances upon which a person has become dependent. In medically monitored detox at a reputable program, individuals who have been struggling with addiction may reap myriad benefits, including by not limited to the following:

  • Addiction Detox occurs in a safe environment under the supervision of qualified addiction treatment professionals.
  • In an addiction detox program, a person will not have access to alcohol or other substances of abuse, so he or she will be unable to act upon the temptation to relapse in order to end the discomfort of withdrawal.
  • Depending upon the substance that a person has been abusing, and the policies and protocols of the program in which he or she is undergoing detox, he or she may be able to take certain prescription medications that will ease or alleviate the more painful withdrawal symptoms.
  • The presence of qualified professionals on a round-the-clock basis ensures that the recovering individual’s health and safety will be protected throughout the process.
  • The individual may be able to participate in certain forms of psychotherapy while still in detox.
  • After completing detox at a center, the individual can transition directly into residential treatment.

In addition to minimizing the discomfort and potential health risks of withdrawal, medically monitored detox also allows individuals to begin healing in both body and mind. The strength and improved health that an individual begins to experience through detox will be of significant benefit to them as they complete the residential phase of their addiction recovery.

At center near Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota, we do not provide detox as part of our programming, but we are happy to provide referrals to reputable and effective addiction detox programs to individuals who wish to heal with us. With the individual’s permission, we can communicate with the detox program to follow his or her progress and can arrange for immediate transition into residential care on our campus once the individual has successfully completed detox.

For more information about detoxification or for answers to any questions that you may have about our addiction rehab center, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you determine if our programming can provide the solutions that you have been searching for.

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