Fentanyl Addiction Detox program near Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Burkwood Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with fentanyl addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located near Minneapolis – St. Paul, Burkwood will help you smoothly transition from detoxification to our residential rehab center.

The Importance of Detox

The importance of detoxification for fentanyl abuse

Fentanyl is a powerful prescription opioid that is legally prescribed in the hospital setting to alleviate severe pain from serious ailments such as cancer or major surgery. When other powerful painkillers such as morphine have shown to be unsuccessful in minimizing acute pain, fentanyl may be used to break through the “pain barrier” and provide comfort to many patients in critical need. Because of its strength, fentanyl is designed to be used for brief intervals of time, and under the watchful eye of one’s doctor. This is due to the fact that like many other opioids, fentanyl can become incredibly habit-forming because of the calm, euphoric high it can produce when abused.

A related class of drugs known as fentanyl derivatives is synthetic substances that have contributed to the staggering growth of opioid-related overdoses in recent years. Some of these drugs such as Carfentanil are legally produced and are designed to be used as a tranquilizer in the veterinary setting. But when cut with other drugs such as heroin, these drugs produce a dangerously strong high. Unregulated and uncontrolled, these illegal substances pose considerable health threats to any who ingest them because one cannot ever be sure of the drug’s contents or potency.

Whether one is abusing prescription fentanyl or a synthetic derivative of fentanyl, it is imperative to cleanse one’s body and mind of these harmful substances prior to engaging in treatment for chemical dependency. This process can be difficult and painful, but with the proper supports, including a supervised addiction detox program, one can safely and comfortably remove fentanyl from one’s system.

drug for medical purposes, some individuals abuse fentanyl as a means of experiencing a euphoric high. Recreational users of fentanyl can also develop tolerance, and can also find themselves trapped in a cycle of ongoing abuse in order to stave off powerful withdrawal symptoms. Long-term abuse of fentanyl can wreak havoc on a person’s life, and the ability to discontinue use of this substance without professional help can be quite challenging.

At our rehab center, we understand how powerful an addiction to fentanyl can be, and we know what it takes to truly overcome an addiction of this kind. For these reasons, we are proud to offer the life-saving care needed to help men and women defeat a fentanyl use disorder, and live the sober lives they deserve to be living. With a staff of dedicated and compassionate individuals who supply the individualized care we offer, we believe we can help you or someone you love leave a fentanyl addiction in the past.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of fentanyl detox near Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

The immediate benefits of fentanyl addiction detox services are obvious. This type of programming essentially jumpstarts one’s recovery journey and allows an individual to quickly achieve the sobriety that he or she may have been unable attain without support. But the benefits of fentanyl abuse detox extend into the life-long journey of recovery and can assist an individual in remaining sober long after he or she leaves residential care.

  • Upon leaving an addiction detox center near Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota, each individual is provided with an aftercare plan that will assist him or her in continuing treatment and removing any barriers to continued care.
  • Further damage to one’s physical health and emotional wellbeing can be eliminated.
  • Having achieved a foundation of sobriety, one can engage with future supports from a position of clarity and strength.
  • Individuals will have the peace of mind knowing that a fentanyl free life is indeed possible, and this knowledge will bolster their resolve to continue working towards their goals for sobriety.

A fentanyl abuse detox center allows individuals to begin their treatment journey with sobriety. During this process, substances of abuse are safely removed from one’s mind and body, but without having to endure the painful symptoms of an unassisted withdrawal.

A dedicated staff of addiction professionals will assess each person upon entering detox, and should it be determined that a person could benefit from detox services, he or she will have access to the following supports:

  • Around the clock monitoring by medical staff
  • Medication to alleviate any physical discomfort
  • Emotional support from mental health professionals
  • A substance-free setting that removes the risk of relapse
  • A seamless, substance-free transition to residential care

Depending on the frequency with which one had been abusing fentanyl or a fentanyl derivative, and the amount of the drug that one was using, abruptly ceasing one’s fentanyl use can incite a variety of deeply painful symptoms. Known as withdrawal, this experience signals that the body has become accustomed to the presence of the drug in the system and that a chemical dependence has taken hold. Some symptoms that typically occur during a withdrawal from fentanyl or a fentanyl derivative are briefly described in the following:

  • Aches and pains
  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

Because these symptoms can be quelled by once again ingesting fentanyl or a fentanyl derivative, the pain of withdrawal oftentimes serves to motivate one to begin using his or her drug of choice again. Over time, a series of failed attempts at withdrawal can serve to further ingrain addictive behaviors, making achieving sustained sobriety all the more difficult in the long run.

Many men and women who truly wish to interrupt the cycle of substance abuse fear facing the period of withdrawal and this fear is completely warranted. Fortunately, engaging in treatment at n fentanyl addiction detox center near Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota can minimize the discomfort of this experience and prepare one to enter treatment free from substances of abuse.

An addiction to fentanyl or a fentanyl derivative can wreak havoc on a person’s health and well-being, and can even have fatal consequences. But rest assured that help is available and one need not continue suffering in the grips of addiction alone. The men and women who enter a supervised fentanyl abuse detox center start their treatment journey with success and are then able to transition directly into comprehensive care.

To learn more about healing from chemical dependence at our addiction rehab center, we hope that you will contact us at your earliest convenience. A better tomorrow starts with a phone call today.