Percocet Addiction Detox Program near Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Burkwood Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with Percocet addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located near Minneapolis – St. Paul, Burkwood will help you smoothly transition from detoxification to our residential rehab center.

The Importance of Detox

The importance of detox for percocet abuse

Percocet, an opioid painkiller that consists of acetaminophen and oxycodone, is capable of providing the much-need relief from physical discomfort when an individual is grappling with moderate to moderately-severe pain. When this medication is prescribed, a person’s physician informs the individual that he or she must adhere to the directions for consumption that he or she is given, so as to avoid experiencing adverse outcomes. Among such outcomes that patients must be mindful of, the development of an addiction is one that is frequently discussed as the chemical properties in Percocet can cause a person to become addicted if it misused.

When Percocet is taken in excess, this medication can produce overwhelming feelings of relaxation and euphoria. Quite similar to the high that is produced by heroin, the high that can be brought on by Percocet makes it an enticing substance of abuse not just for individuals who are prescribed it, but also those who are in search of altering their mental states. Unfortunately, if a person is abusing this medication, it is likely that he or she will develop a tolerance to it and require professional help in order to stop this dangerous form of substance abuse in its tracks.

If one becomes addicted to Percocet and feels it is time to seek proper care, it is important for that individual to consider treatment options that have helped others in similar circumstances. Among the treatment options available, those that offer detoxification services, or detox, as part of a comprehensive treatment experience are those that have garnered the most favorable outcomes for countless men and women.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of percocet detox near Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

When a detox center is implemented into an individual’s care to overcome a Percocet addiction, a person stands a much greater chance of achieving sobriety. Within this type of treatment, an individual is fully supported by professionals who ensure that the withdrawal process is navigated safely. Percocet withdrawal is often what prevents men and women from breaking free from the grips of addiction, so by reducing the risk during this phase of recovery, a person is able to progress in his or her care in a more effective manner.

In addition to receiving support, individuals in a Percocet addiction detox program can benefit in the following ways as well:

  • Medications can be administered to safely alleviate discomfort felt during withdrawal.
  • As time in a detox center progress, a person is slowly able to acquire the clarity of mind needed to focus on the therapeutic aspects of treatment.
  • A person will no longer have access to Percocet or other substances of abuse, which can significantly reduce the chances of relapse.
  • Since an individual is not able to continue abusing Percocet or other substances, the risks associated with continued substance misuse are decreased.

Additionally, professionals trained to identify and treat any and all medical complications that could arise during a stay at a detox center are on-hand and can intervene if a person is in need of that type of treatment. For these reasons and more, detox is an invaluable resource for someone who is seeking to defeat an addiction to Percocet once and for all.

Sadly, there are many individuals who either refrain from seeking treatment or who do not partake in care that includes staying at a detox center. When this is the case, a person is far more likely to relapse once withdrawal symptoms emerge. And because withdrawal can be an exceptionally uncomfortable experience, many people consume Percocet in much greater quantities as a means of trying to alleviate their strife quicker. In the event, a person overconsumes Percocet, or any type of substance, the potential for experiencing an overdose increases exponentially.

What is important for individuals addicted to Percocet to know is that the aforementioned outcomes are not set in stone and that it is possible to avoid them all together. By engaging in high-quality treatment that includes detoxification services, a person, no matter how addicted to Percocet, can receive the care needed to get through withdrawal and make great strides in the recovery process.

If you or an important person in your life would like to learn more about detox centers near Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota and how this type of treatment can set the stage for long-lasting sobriety, feel free to contact our addiction rehab center today. Let our staff of caring professionals uses their expertise to help you or your loved one in the pursuit of a healthier, Percocet-free life.