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Burkwood Treatment Center helps individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring adjustment disorder build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located near Minneapolis – St. Paul, Burkwood is the leading provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults.

Learn about Co-Occurring Adjustment Disorder & Treatment

Learn more about adjustment disorder & treatment offered at our rehab center

Tragedy, unexpected loss, and difficult transitions are all events that can cause an interruption in functioning or a temporarily low mood. Life will always have its fair share of upheaval, and it should be expected that one will experience bouts of frustration, depression, or anxiety from time to time. But for most people, these symptoms will resolve after some time, and he or she will return to his or her normal level of functioning. But sometimes a depressed mood continues long after a stressful event and will not seem to fade on its own. When this occurs, it could be due to the presence of a mental health condition known as an adjustment disorder.

Adjustment disorder and other types of psychiatric concerns may manifest in someone that also has a substance use disorder, and is typically due to the fact that a person may try to alleviate painful mental health symptoms by abusing an illicit substance. This type of symptomatic overlap is best addressed in a quality treatment center that has the ability to address both adjustment disorder, and any other mental health or substance abuse issues, at the same time. The men and women who choose to heal at Burkwood Treatment Center will have access to a treatment model that was founded on a whole-person philosophy that can be uniquely adapted to the needs of each person who entrusts us with their care. Our scientifically-validated treatment modalities are conducted by our experienced, caring team of addictions professionals, who are committed to providing a well-rounded, effective treatment experience.

Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one or family member get treatment

If a family member or loved one has been struggling with an adjustment disorder, he or she may not feel strong enough to decide to enter treatment without the support of someone he or she trusts. Witnessing a loved one carry the burden of an adjustment disorder can be difficult, as can be knowing what you can do to help the person. It is best to become as familiar as possible with adjustment disorder, and educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of the disease. In this way, you will be more able to have empathy with your loved one, and better understand what he or she is going through. You can also begin researching options for residential treatment that would be a good fit for your family member or loved one’s specific needs. When you feel ready, share what you have found with your loved one, and encourage him or her to accept the offer of support you are seeking to provide. Assure this person that you carry no judgement, and that you only care about his or her health and happiness. Be sure to engage in self-care throughout this process, and closely monitor your own health and wellness so that you have the strength you need to help your loved one through this challenging time.

Why Consider Us?

Why consider treatment at Burkwood Treatment Center

Like other mental health conditions, adjustment disorder will progress in severity if the proper interventions are not put in place. And as the symptoms of this disorder worsen, the damaging consequences will continue to mount, robbing one of his or her ability to function to potential. If someone with an adjustment disorder is also abusing substances, both disorders will continue to spiral out of control simultaneously. Fortunately, there are time-tested treatment approaches that can interrupt this dangerous cycle.

Types of Treatment

Types of treatment offered at Burkwood Treatment Center

Burkwood Treatment Center, a renowned provider of residential addiction treatment, has been helping men and women achieve healthier and sober lives for more than 20 years. Located in scenic Hudson, Wisconsin, this center specializes in providing individualized care for adult men and women who are struggling with the complex disease of addiction, as well as those who may be suffering from certain co-occurring mental health conditions.

With a high counselor-to-participant ratio and interventions that are proven to help people reach their treatment goals, Burkwood supplies the care that is needed to overcome addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions, such as an adjustment disorder. The staff of dedicated professionals, which includes individuals who are trained in the 12-Step philosophy and trauma-based interventions, provides ongoing support on the road to recovery is navigated. Furthermore, only the most appropriate treatment methods are chosen to be part of a participant’s treatment plan, so as to elicit the most favorable treatment outcomes for each individual. The following are among the many types of treatment that may be incorporated into a participant’s personalized plan of care:

Medication management services: When the symptoms of adjustment disorders are severe and cannot be successfully managed through the use of therapy and healthy coping skills, a participant may require certain medications. At Burkwood, a contracted psychiatrist is available to meet with participants, determine if medication is appropriate, and prescribe medication when a participant requires pharmaceutical intervention. Our helpful mental health technicians and compassionate nursing staff closely monitor the progress of each participant and are available to also offer support throughout the treatment process.     

Individual therapy: Individuals who are battling an addiction and a co-occurring adjustment disorder are more likely to achieve their recovery goals when they are able to talk through their experiences and emotions with a qualified therapist or counselor. At Burkwood, individual therapy sessions are offered once per week for each participant. These sessions can be a time when men and women can work with a counselor to learn new skills, set new goals, and process their recovery in a healthy manner.   

Group therapy: Counselor-led groups that cover a variety of topics relevant to recovery are an important facet of care at Burkwood. We believe men and women are more likely to recover from addictions and learn to manage the symptoms of adjustment disorders when they have the support and guidance of their peers, and we are proud to offer forums in which participants can work together towards achieving healing and recovery. The following groups are examples of the sessions that are offered on a daily basis for the duration of participant’s time with us:    

  • Advanced guided imagery group
  • Recovery advocates psychoeducational group
  • Gestalt/analogy-based therapeutic plays
  • Banking
  • Goals group
  • Meditation group
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) speaker meetings
  • Primary group
  • Didactic activity group
  • Big Book Study   
  • Community meetings

MAAEZ Program: To familiarize our participants with the 12-Step philosophy, Burkwood offers the Making Alcoholics Anonymous Easier, or MAAEZ, Program. This program features a treatment model that occurs in a group format and helps the men and women we treat adapt to working through the 12 steps of recovery. Our staff is expertly trained in facilitating this type of treatment and is available to provide the support that can help our participants successfully recover from an addiction and the co-occurring symptoms of adjustment disorders.

The way of Life System: At Burkwood, we understand that receiving treatment for an addiction and co-occurring adjustment disorders can be a trying, yet transformative experience. For this reason, our center employs the Way of Life System to help guide our participants through the therapeutic process. This method of care is unique to Burkwood, utilizes several treatment modalities and disciplines, and helps men and women transition through each phase of their recovery. Audio guides complement the manual that is used for the Way of Life System, and those who partake in this programming are ultimately able to healthily manage their emotions and feelings and reach their treatment goals while in our care.

Family therapy: Understanding that our participants’ addictions and symptoms of co-occurring adjustment disorders have likely affected their relationships with those closest to them, Burkwood is able to facilitate family therapy sessions when they are needed. These sessions can be a time when those we treat, their friends, family members, or other loved ones come together to repair the damage addiction has caused, and become united in the front against substance abuse.     

Recreational activities: Burkwood is situated amid wondrous natural beauty, and we want our participants to be able to benefit from our picturesque surroundings. When a man or woman is entrusted into our care to overcome an addiction and co-occurring adjustment disorders, he or she is afforded opportunities to participate in church services and recreational activities, such as those listed below:

  • Opportunities to exercise at the Knowles Center
  • Movies
  • Gender-specific yoga
  • Nature outings at Willow River State Park

The aforementioned methods of care can be part of a participant’s transformative experience at Burkwood. Upon admission to our center, our staff works closely with those entrusted into our care to determine which types of treatment will be best suited to meet the needs of the men and women who choose to heal with us. If a participant’s needs change during the therapeutic process, his or her treatment plan can also be revised to reflect new goals for recovering from an addiction and healing from the symptoms of adjustment disorder.

The care supplied by the staff at Burkwood Treatment Center is highly individualized, and we strive to make the process of recovery one that is unique to each participant. This level of customization extends to our discharge planning process, as we take into account each participant’s needs and goals when determining which aftercare services are best suited to continue the progress made during treatment.

If you or your loved one would like to learn more about our types of treatment and how our interventions can help those looking to recover from addiction and co-occurring adjustment disorder achieve their goals, do not hesitate to contact us. At Burkwood Treatment Center, we are here for you and can guide you towards the sober and healthy life you deserve to be living.